Monday, June 25, 2007

Dare # 24 - Faye

I have always thought that I should create a layout about my addiction to buying lotto tickets so SJ's Dare was ideal for me. There are just 2 shops in the entire Auckland area that I feel comfortable buying my ticket from so I always have to make sure that I go to one of those shops. Goodness knows why because neither of them have been particularly lucky for me, but I feel sure that one day when I go into my lucky shop, my lucky butterfly will fly by, the shopkeeper and I will exchange the same lucky words that we do every week "thanks, see you tomorrow" and all these little things will make my chances of winning that much greater. You just never know.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dare #24 - Monique

(Sounds like a very trying day SJ!! Look forward to seeing your layout up very soon!!)

What!! use no photos!! I know, I was very challenged by this one...and it took me several goes to achieve a look that pleased me but I am so glad I persevered...I love that I have this little memory that no-one else but me knows down on paper, a little insight for my kids and grandkids to giggle over and they can even undo the brad and the embellies will come awayin one piece so they can play the CD and listen to this song which I am convinced ol' Alanis wrote just for me lol! (Thats if they still have CD players that far in the future lol!).

I really do hope you take up this dare...go and search those drawers and cupboards now for a little bit of something special to write a story about....I dare ya!

Send a jpeg of your layout to (100kb or less) or leave us a comment in SJ's post that will link us back to it.

Memorabilia Dare

Hi everyone, long time no see.

So, this morning I go to post the new dare and my husband says to me, "Just give me 5 minutes to re-cable some stuff on the PC and then it is all yours!" Famous last words. The keyboard no longer worked (completely stuffed), or the scanner, or in fact the whole USB hub. We have just come back from Dick Smith with a new keyboard so I can at least type this, but the rest.......TBA

Anyhow I digress. The next dare is to do a page, using no photos but some memorabilia to help tell the story. This could be anything from a childs drawing, a letter from your grandmother, print-outs of texts and emails, your favourite cd, tickets from a concert or event, a shopping list, any little something that you want to preserve. I thought of this dare as I looked through a pile of these very things I have sitting next to my computer that I want to get into my albums one day.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dare # 23 winner - wahoo

Well it was inevitable really since she did herself so many cute critters. Yes, it had to be and I wondered, and yes, Emma did draw out the name of the lovely
Krislyn (love the nail polish Ems)
Yay Kris you won and rightly so. Check out the Slide Show below to see how many cute critters Kris made. And so cute too.
Send me your addy Kris and we'll sort out your prize!!

And now for our FAV"S. We really loved all the cute critters but esp. these two. Awesomely cute critters Christi and Penny.

Slide Show! Cute Critters

Friday, June 15, 2007

A message from Kelly at Up2Scrap Magazine

Hi everyone, as the Sub Editor of ''Up2Scrap'' magazine I have been surfing around and there is some amazing or should I say "AWESOME" (now that I am in NZ) talent in this country!

I would dearly love to see more of these pages and projects in your own locally produced magazine. We are accepting submissions on a theme basis as well as general layouts. So if you have not submitted to "Up2Scrap" for a while and I know there are lots of you talented ladies that haven't, what's stopping you? Go to the website for theme and deadline details.

We do pay for each layout printed and this can go a fair way to supporting your scrapbooking habit. Please remember that we prefer to print pages that have not already been seen on blogs or online galleries, so flick them thru to me before posting them to a website and if you need a quick response, please just say so.

Send them to
Looking forward to seeing more KIWI produced pages!

Kelly Rotherham
Sub Editor

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dare # 22 Slide Show!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Dare # 23 - Cute critters

I've really been looking forward to posting this dare. We all had so much fun creating these guys. It started off being the 'Ugly Dolls' dare but they all turned out so cute, I've renamed it the 'Cute Critters' dare. Wait till you see what the girls have come up with, they are awesome and oh so cute!!

So here's mine and hopefully the girls are going to add theirs in to this post soon. HONEY is made from felt (such a cool material to use - doesn't fray, easy to cut, lovely bright colours). I just drew a pattern on a piece of A4 paper and pinned the felt to it and cut it out. Handstitched it together and added some buttons and bits and bobs. Easy peasy.
So come on guys, get the needles out and make yourself a 'Cute Critter'. You won't regret it.

We are so lucky to have this dare sponsored by Up2Scrap. The winner will receive a 1 year subscription to Up2Scrap magazine. How cool is that. If you already subscribe to this awesome magazine, don't fret, you will receive some lovely Up2scrap and Out of the Closet goodies instead.

Please send a picture of your 'Cute Critter' to (100kb or less) or leave us a comment in this post that will link us back to it.
I SO can't wait to see them. This is going to be fun.
Happy critter making!!


Got a worry? Wednesday the one horned worry monster will take it away. Just whisper it into one of her large ears and give her a big hug and your worry will be gone. Wednesday says life is too short to worry and after all what could possibly be as worrisome as a large horn sticking out the side of your neck?!

Lol...have fun! Jo :O)

Andrea's Critter: "TomTom the Manic Tiger"

My daughter really loves tigers so I thought I could make her one so meet TomTom. He has rather cubist tendencies don't ya think? He also has trouble eating as anyone would with their mouth on the side of their head and he likes to go nightclubbing - check out his miniskirt! I hope you all have as much fun as we did making these little critters! Can't wait to see. Andrea :-)

Wendy's Darling doris - this dare was just too much fun - very cool idea and anything goes. Molly just loves this lady and of course now I have to make Riley one too LOL! so be prepared ladies if you enter into this cool dare and you have more than one child you had better make one for all......

Lesley's Cute Critter - Ravioli

Okay I will admit that when I first heard about this dare while I thought it sounded cool, I was also a little nervous. I CANT SEW to save myself! In fact I have strong memories of being in Form 2 sewing class and creating an owl pj holder and the resulting creation not being very circular! So thats where the inspiration for Ravioli came in. My square owl pal! He was so much fun to create that I stayed up way too late last night to finish him! I think one of the reasons why I had so much fun was that I could do whatever I wanted and the more imperfect the better!And Wendy is right, if you have more than one little person in your house be prepared to make more than one!

Moniques "Mr Mojo"

I was shopping for socks one weekend and found lots of lovely bright stripey ones which got the creative mojo leaping and so "Mr Mojo" was born lol!! He is made out of just one sock....which means there is a lonely stripy sock sitting here....I think I need to make Mr Mojo a lady friend!

Marieke's (or rather Annabel's) Tickle Monster

I love using fabric on my layouts but me and sewing on something other than paper just don't go together. I get all scratchy just sewing on a button so this was a challenge in more ways than one! But once I saw the first one, which was made weeks ago I might add, I had to try for myself too. I decided to let my 4 year old daughter Annabel draw me her favourite monster and recreated that out of fabric I had in my stash. She's the one that came up with the name as well. I've saved her drawing so there's a nice layout some time in the future too :-).

I used a kind of 'hairy' fabric for the body, denim for the arms, ribbon for the hair and felt for the eyes and mouth. And yes, just like at Wendy's my son now wants one of his own too. I have a feeling his version which he is yet to draw for me will resemble a robot.

Trina's critter - Happy Sarah

My cute critter is based on drawings done by my daughter Sarah. You know those first stick figures that have no body. Just a huge head, then arms and legs sticking out of their head? Yep, thats mine.

And as its pink, Sarah's claimed it and named it 'happy Sarah'. Love it. Matt is impatiently waiting for his one. He's put in an order for a yellow shark with purple teeth and a spotty tail. LOL!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

WINNERS for dare #22

Wow there are some pretty amasing layouts in this lot guys. So great to see more photos on a page. Sue Bull impressed me with her number! 30 - one for each day of July! Go you! And all on one 12 x 12 page! THANKS to everyone who gave this dare a go. I certainly love trying to fit more on my pages now and I hope you have gained some ideas on how you can create gorgeous layouts with more than just one photo too! Lianne is going to do that slidethingee for me so be sure to check them all out.

But our winner for this week is: (by draw -sorry didn't take a photo to upload!) But my helpers were keen to help and so they pulled out Julie's name. CONGRATS JULIE.
Please email Lianne your details and we can arrange to get your prize out to you ASAP.

Many thanks to Andrea from ScrapbookOutletNZ for sponsoring this dare.
And finally the team's Favourite pic this week was Michelle TW's layout - check out those eyes!
Love the bright colours too.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dare 22 - Andrea


Better late than never right?

I'm a bit like Monique - i have a whole heap of photos that get printed but never quite make it onto a layout of their own. So this dare was just perfect for using up a lot of those photos! I don't want to throw them out so sometimes i like to do a layout for all of the random photos.

Ok so only one more day to get your layouts into us. The deadline for sharing your layouts with us is tomorrow, Wednesday 6th June by 6pm. You can email them to Lianne at (100kb or less) or leave us a comment in the first post for this dare that will link us back to your LO.

C'mon I dare ya!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Dare #22 - Monique

I have this pile of pics that I keep called 'the duds' know the ones that don't make the grade for 'the perfect layout' lol! Well for some reason I never have the heart to actually throw them out, but with us moving house soon I thought the time had come to be ruthless and bin them.....

While I was having 'just one last look' through them I realised every one held a funny little memory of some sort, so decided to use a collection of these of Joseph up to mischief during his preschool years for this dare. I had fun chopping them down to just the bit I needed and so managed to fit eight on a single page with room for journalling about his antics and embellies too.
Only a few days left to get those entries in...pile them on the page...I dare you!