Monday, June 04, 2007

Dare #22 - Monique

I have this pile of pics that I keep called 'the duds' know the ones that don't make the grade for 'the perfect layout' lol! Well for some reason I never have the heart to actually throw them out, but with us moving house soon I thought the time had come to be ruthless and bin them.....

While I was having 'just one last look' through them I realised every one held a funny little memory of some sort, so decided to use a collection of these of Joseph up to mischief during his preschool years for this dare. I had fun chopping them down to just the bit I needed and so managed to fit eight on a single page with room for journalling about his antics and embellies too.
Only a few days left to get those entries in...pile them on the page...I dare you!


Blogger Faye said...

Very cool Monique, love the idea behind this one. Great layout.

12:02 PM  

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