Friday, August 29, 2008

Dare 53

Hey everyone, Rach here - hows it going?

All looking forward to Spring........I certainly am!!

So this time round I dare you to scrap the weird + strange.

Have you got any photos where someone is doing something strange or appears in your photo without you knowing? Or maybe you have a strange or weird story to share!!

As you know we have made a group on Flickr. Great to see people joining up. From now on all entries will go into the Flickr group + not to Lianne. You can still leave a link in the blog comments. If you don't have a Flickr account don't panic they are easy to make.
Privacy is all good + we suggest you make a tag which allows it to be private to the group.
Suggestion from Sharon about tags.
When making your Flickr tags, don't put in spaces. It treats each word as a separate tag unless you put quotes around them (so much easier just to do one word like nzdares53 or something). If you click on a tag on a photo, it brings up all the other photos with that tag (quite cool).
Link to the

Here's my version of weird.
Journalling reads - There is nothing more creepy when you check your photos + discover a extra person in your shot.............but with only 1 eye showing!!!
I discovered later its Kev!!

And Andrea made a wonderful guest designer this week + check out her fantastic LO.

I will update during the week regards to a sponsor! But in the meantime I Dare you to get weird + strange!!

And here's mine - Donna. My kids thought it was weird to see this (very0 old photo of us in 'vice versa' gear, especially their dad in a girl's uniform!
Lesley - I took what I thought a photo of normal footprints but what I downloaded was raised footprints. How weird is that!??!

Monique....spooky the hold the last piece of cake on the plate has on small children and dogs isn't it? lol.

Lianne - and here's my kinda 'weird' photo - an old photo; and a set up one, but a fun thing to play around with; like the photos of people holding up the Leaning Tower of Piza. James in the palm of Emmas hand.

Sharon - the vicious attack guard dog and his trusty sidekick. These guys chased me up a road on Waiheke, growling all the way!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dare 52 Winners!

There were some fantastic entries for this dare - thanks everyone entered.

The winner of the prize draw was honeymoon! Congratulations!! Please email me so I can send your prize from

My pick for guest designer was not easy. I tossed it around for some time before I decided on Sue Bull's terrific page. I loved the primary colours, the way she used the circles and those super photos. Fantastic!

Sue please email Lianne to find out the details of the dare.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Join our Flickr group

Click on the link to join our NZ Dares Flickr group.

You can upload your Dare LO's to this group for everyone to see. Its easy, just click on the link above and then click on the 'Join this Group' link. Anyone who joins in the dares is welcome to join. Just put what Dare # the LO is in the title.

You can still send through your dare entries the same way as always but as an added bonus you can upload to the Flickr group as well.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dare 52

With the Olympics in full swing, I thought that a sports theme might be in order. Now don't panic if you are sports challenged (she says, putting her hand up). We are looking at sport in the widest possible sense - kids games, as a spectator, memorabilia, your exercise program or even a layout on how much you hate sport! And to honour all those men and women in Beijing who have trained so hard for this moment, your layout must include (at least) five circular elements (paper, cardstock, brads, tags - whatever - as long as it is a circle). Go NZ!!
is generously offering a coupon for one of their awesome digital scrapbooking CDs as the prize for this dare, There are a wide variety of themes so something for everyone, even if you don't scrap digitally.

Our guest designer, Niella, really rocked this challenge with her Olympic themed layout.
Here is mine - I am a somewhat reluctant soccer mum :)






Please leave a link in the comments or email a pic to by Wed 27th Aug at 6pm.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winners Dare # 51

Hi everyone.
The winner of the draw for this dare is Danice Hamilton.
Congratulations Danice, if you could please email me and we will sort out your prize from Magistical Memories. Here is Danice's LO using all those cute n colourful triangles.
And my favourite is this LO from Andrea Ford.
Andrea if you could email me and let me know if you're keen to be our guest designer for Dare # 53.

Look out for a new dare tomorrow night!! Happy scrapping and Olympics watching!!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Slideshow catch up!

Here are the layouts for Dare use a pipecleaner on your layout...

and Dare #50....create a Winter layout using the Fashion Spread as inspiration....

Friday, August 01, 2008

Dare # 51

This dare is about 'Patterns'.

def: arrangement of repeated parts or decorative designs.

I've noticed patterns are very popular lately, e.g. houndstooth, harlequin, checkered, spots, argyle etc.
Use a pattern at least once on your LO, can be a piece of fabric, a stamp, a piece of p/p, make a pattern on a background. Like Rach used the houndstooth stamp repeated down the side of her LO from dare # 49.
So think of a creative way to use a pattern or patterns on your LO.

Here's my LO. I've used an old making Memories stamp repeatedly to make the background and then I've used other patterns on my LO like the checkered fabric, the scalloped edges of the lace and the c/s and the diamond stamp at the top.


And here is Lara Moss' layout.

Lara is our Guest Designer for this dare. She has repeated her dot pattern throughout the LO and it is even in her photo. Thanks Lara.

Donna - I also went for dots!

Sharon - I used plaid:
Monique....hi everyone, I used a wee Maya Rd star stamp to create my pattern.
Trina - I used Paisley and Hearts.
Please leave a link in the comments or email a pic to by Wed 13th Aug at 6pm.