Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dare # 15 Hot/Cold - Megan

Hot and cold, new and old products - great inspiration from Monique. I had to go for the new/old products thing because I have sooo many 'old products' I can't seem to part with. I also was inspired by the way Monique used an old technique of paper tearing as well, I love using this technique, no measuring, just go for it.

Old Products and techniques used
  • Making Memories vintage small rose crackled paper
  • Making Memories vintage large rose crackled paper
  • Paper Pizazz vellum
  • ?Stamp-It real life patt paper - Sand (one of the first pp I ever brought 2001)
  • Micro beads
  • Tearing technique

New Products and techniques used
  • Bling - Sequins and Beads
  • Flocked chipboard Lil Davis
  • Swirly doodle thingies
  • Cutting flowers out from patt paper.

This dare was heaps of fun, great to mix old and new techniques and use of some of those old products we all have.

Funk up your old stuff - I Dare Ya


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