Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dare 15 Hot / Cold - Wendy Redshaw

Wow what a dare - had me thinking, but did not really need to look too far for inspiration as I sat one morning with a yummy hot coffee, well that was the hot bit sorted but what for the cold again -just think drink - nothing better than an ice cold Gin and Tonic with a slice of lemon and of course ice. I then kinda hat the opposite thing happening with am. and pm. etc etc. and of course hot and cold colours which was half luck as my fav. coffee cup has heaps of red in it and the best gin in the world comes in a blue bottle - well what luck I thought. So as a result here is my take on the dare - have fun with yours.
This weeks dare is kindly sposored by Meg at Scrapbook Essentials so get your thinking caps on and go for it - we Dare you!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome layout Wendy. Love the colours. the photos, the time thing. love it all!

8:22 PM  

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