Friday, January 26, 2007

Dare # 14 - Megan

Cool topic Faye - Going round in circles, I immediately thought of all the circles I go round in.

How about the kindy - school - work - kindy - home - school - home circle I do in the car every day, or the fact housework makes you feel like you repeat the same thing everyday, or that movie 'Pay it Forward' where one offer of help multiplied around and around the country.

The one I decided on was the circle track of dead grass my boys have made around the house since they got the motorbike for Christmas.
The boys are so happy to go round and round, they don't get bored, they go faster or at a sharper angle around each corner, most times they make it, sometimes they don't.
I have stocked up on plasters :)


Anonymous sam said...

well done ths is a fab first submit can't wait to see some more

12:22 PM  

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