Friday, October 10, 2008

Dare 56

Welcome to Dare 56!
As I'm sure you know this is a big scrapping weekend. Im sure loads of you are at SENZ and for those of you who aren't heres a dare to keep you going.

Who is missing from Your scrapbook? There must be at least one person, integral to YOUR story that is missing. I dare you to scrap a page, if not all about them, then definately featuring that person!
Easy right. Here is my page. I am SO Happy that i have this page done, I cant imagine looking through my scrapbooks in 20 years time and my friend not being in them!
And this week we have 2 guest designers, first Julie Bode with her gorgeous page about her Grandpop
And another still to come.
And there is a really cool prize for this dare! Thanks to Andrea from SBO, you could win a SENZ class kit! WOOHOO! then next best thing to being there!!!
Sharon's layout - my layout is about one of my sisters:

Meek - Hi everyone, for this dare I've created a lovely simple mini album for a very sweet, very special little dog who came into our lives just after hubby and I were married...though she had a serious illness she was full of spirit and gave us much joy...sadly just before we came back to NZ from the UK we had to make the heart breaking decision that many pet owners have made before us....

we have a great little collection of photos from her time with us, she went absolutely everywhere we went, camping, to ireland, kayaking up the river and adored riding in the car sprawled out on the backseat on to her next you can see I have not yet finished compiling all the pages but it feels great to be getting Hilda's story out and reliving some fun memories.....

Lianne - My sister is missing from my scrapbooks, so I scrapped this photo of my Mum, my sister and I at Mums birthday dinner recently.

Donna - my Grandfather!

So who and what great story is missing from your scrapbooks...? Have fun!


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Done i have 2 i would love to show you for this dare


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