Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lianne - Dare # 24

A bit late for me this time but I wanted to do this dare. There's an ad on TV here in NZ about a smile. It's the AMI Insurance ad and this is the poem that is said throughout the ad. When I first heard it I knew I had to scrap it, so SJ's dare was perfect for it.

In case you can't read my funny writing it goes like this:
A smile is contageous,
It's passed from me to you,
As soon as one is witnessed,
It's so hard not to do.
To be a party to a smile,
Is priviledge indeed,
A smile can make things better,
It's sometimes all you need.
So valuable a smile,
You'll find out that it's true,
That if you smile at everyone.
You're smile comes back to you.

You have till tomorrow night at 6pm to get your dares in. Email them to me at RANDLGRAY@xtra.co.nz (100mg or less) or post a link in the comments of SJ's post.


Blogger Sara-Jane said...

That is absolutely gorgeous Lianne!

11:02 AM  

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