Friday, March 16, 2007

Dare #18: Street Art

I have suddenly become more aware of all the wonderful bits of inspiration that can be found all around us. This may be nothing new to some of you but it is to me. Just like magic I can be struck by something I come across as I go about my errands and realise it would translate wonderfully to a layout. I'm talking about things that were always there but I never really noticed. So my dare for this week is to flirt a little with things we see out on the street. Have you ever noticed how colourful and bold grafitti is? Some are regular pieces of art! Catchy billboards are another great example. Shop window displays, street signs, unusual exterior paint colour combinations on a house.... inspiration is everwhere! This fortnight's dare is to create a layout inspired by something 'from the street'.

As luck would have it (not) I've been having some printer troubles and have been unable to print the pictures I had prepared for this. I'm hopeful the printer doctor can nurse it back to health. This means my layout will be up later this weekend after I get my pictures printed elsewhere. Faye and Lesley have made some fantastic layouts for this dare so far and will post their creations soon.


Blogger Lara said...

now this dare was a toughy - thanks Marieke :-) - no seriously, love that it had me thinking! have posted mine on my blog

Huge thanks to the No8 wired team & love your inspiration each fortnight!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous ruthcahill said...

Have mine lo up on my blog too. Cool dare once I got my head around it lol

5:29 PM  

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