Monday, April 02, 2007

Dare #19 - Marieke

My 6 year old has recently started taking more and more comfort items to bed with him. It used to be just his teddy that he's had since he was a baby but gradually items get added to the selection. At the moment there's a big dog that used to be mine as a kid, his ted, his doll that he's had since he was a baby, a stuffed dinosaur, a Mc Donald's toy that he's wrapped in rubber bands and that lights up and a cricket ball. My secret is that when I go to bed at night I remove a few items as I usually find him perched right on the edge with his toys taking over the bed. I've even found him on the floor, asleep! For a while he believed they actually moved to his desk by themselves.


Blogger scrapgeek said...

Sounds like my small boy - beautiful page Marieke as always :)

7:57 AM  

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