Saturday, March 31, 2007

DARE 19 - secrets.............

so who has got a secret that NO one knows could be something quirky that you do, a secret hobby that know one else knows or just something that NOBODY knows about you!!

As you can see my little quirk is that I'm the local "Towel Sheriff"................this name gets mentioned quite a bit at my

So we would LOVE you to join in + create + share with us your 'SECRET'.

You have till Wednesday the 11th of April 6pm to send your LO's into Lianne at (100kb or less) or leave us a comment that will link us back to your LO.

look forward to reading all about your secrets :)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Entries Dare #18

There seems to be a bit of confusion which Ruth won the draw for this dare. There was only one entry received by a 'Ruth', namely Ruth Cahill. Enjoy your prize!
Below are the six entries for this dare. Special shout out to Erica Lasham who entered twice! I particularly liked her Surfer Boys entry:

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lucky winner for dare #18:

Going by the low number of entries we received it seems a lot of people had trouble with this challenge. Just 6 brave souls this time around, which on the other hand made the odds of winning the prize donated by Scrappin Downunder very good! I had my lovely assistant help me out and the prize goes to:

Congratulations Ruth. Please email your contact details to Lianne at so she can make sure you get your goodies.

I'll post a slideshow of the entries and my own personal fave tomorrow.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Scraplift A Freestyler

Wahoo!! How much fun is this!! And how incredible that these fantastic artists have leant us their layouts to scraplift. We are combining this dare with the Aussie Dares to make it even more exciting.
We have this incredible opportunity to scraplift these amazing ladies who are coming to teach us here in NZ and Australia. If you're not going to the Freestyle Downunder weekend then you should be. Here's just a sampling of the talent these ladies have to offer us.
So what's up for grabs you ask - a free class at Freestyle Auckland or Wellington for us NZers and a free class to the Sydney weekend for Aussies. If the winner can't make it to Freestyle they will receive a set of Autumn Leaves stamps - all this from the very generous David and Mary at Kiwiscraps.
Here are the gorgeous layouts you get to scraplift. You can do as many as you like, and NZers, send them in to Lianne by 6pm Wednesday April 4th. Australians send them to Sue - check the Aussie Dare blog for the deadline.

Keep checking back and scrolling down to the bottom of this post to see our scraplifts of these amazing layouts added later tonight and over the weekend.

Emily Falconbridge

Kim Henkel

Nic Howard

Wendy Redshaw-Bruhns

Rhonna Farrer

Tia Bennett

Zina Wright

Faye's take on Thonna Farrer's layout

I liked the big accent in the top left corner and enjoyed painting the messy photo corners. Just a bit of finger painting. It's easy to have fun with this one.

Lesley's take on Rhonna Farrer's layout

Hi, Trina here. I got so excited about this dare I JUST HAD to do two LO's! But here is my 'official' dare LO. I scraplifted the very talented Nic Howard. Wowee. What an honour. My second lift is of the incredible Tia Bennett and if you wanna check that out, then go my blog.

Lianne's lift of Emily's layout. I really love getting down and messy with lots of paint - masking and stamping with bubble wrap and other bits and pieces. Love your stuff Emily. Thanks for letting us lift your layouts ladies.

Even though I don't get to go to Freestyle I didn't want to pass up on an opportunity to lift Wendy. Here's Marieke's interpretation of her layout:

Here's my(Yolande) version of Kim Henkel's layout. When I first saw this layout I was drawn by the organised yet creative look. I have turned mine into a "Year in Review", making each of the numbers represent the months of 2006. There are stitched lines to create divisions between the photos. I counted 41 photos. WHEW!
Jo's lift of Emily's layout. I had SO much fun. I made my own foam stamps, spritzed paint with water to achieve her gorgeous washed effect, masked, brushed and generally had a good old getting mucky fun time - it was fantastic! I went with a canvas in the end because cardstock just wouldn't stand up to what I was putting it through lol! And I really love the result. Awesome dare, can' t wait to see what everyone else comes up with. BTW that word is 'sweet' at the bottom-the W is pale green and is not showing up very well.

Monique's lift of Zina's layout. I really liked the clustered look of Zinas gorgeous layout and cutting pattern out of paper is a fave of mine at the moment so I had a happy evening cutting and rearranging stars….although they don’t come near the 70 hearts that Zina cut by hand…Wow! I also lifted the transparency title idea too using paint to make it pop…love the result

Andrea's lift of Tia's layout. I had so much fun doing this one - it actually came together pretty quick for me which is not like me! I've mostly lifted the placement of the photo and paper and title. I used ribbon on the bottom right instead of thread and used staples to hold the transparency frame down instead of the cross-stiching. I actually really like this layout - it was a lot of fun!

Rach's lift of Zina's LO. I had lots of fun scrap lifting Zina's LO + to do a doube, how cool - which I don't do often. I have had wanted to do a LO about my daughters drawings for sometime + when I saw all those hearts I knew it was perfect. Thanks Zina for the inspiration - love your work :) Awesome DARE + I love seeing everyone else's take on these DARES.

Note: This dare is running alongside the Street Art dare. You still have till next Wednesday to submit your Street Art entries, then another week after that for the Freestyle entries.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dare #18 -Monique

I wasn't even really aware of how HUGE street art culture is until I went looking on the internet and found this whole world of talented artists who put their work out there on the street...very inspiring...but so much choice! In the end I was inspired by the stencil type art which I thought would translate well onto a masculine type layout...heres what I came up with...

now its your turn...I dare you! You've got until Wednesday 28th March 6pm to email Lianne (jpeg 100kb or less) your layout and please do share a link if you can in the comments of the first post of this dare! We like that!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dare 18 - Jo

Like Marieke I also had fun going digital with this dare, there are some cool brushes out there that simulate paint splatters and some cool graffiti type fonts that I enjoyed searching through. There is even a graffiti creator here that I used for the title. So whether you go digital, traditional or hybrid give it a go - it's lots of fun and there is another cool prize up for grabs this week from Scrappindownunder - so go for it :O)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dare #18 - Marieke

Okay, frustrated with my printer I decided to try out digital. Probably not quite in the traditional sense though as I didn't use any digital papers but just played around with various brushes. Now that was a learning curve and a half! Way cool though and I was even better able to achieve what I wanted with "paint".

This dare is sponsored by Scrappin Downunder. Get your dare up by Wednesday the 28th of March before 6pm and link it to the original post or send a copy to

Dare 18 - Street Art

We dare you to create a layout inspired by something 'from the street'. When I was in Paris I came across an exhibition of street art, literally paintings on the windows in the street. This layout is my interpretation of that street art. Thanks Marieke for this Dare, it brought back some great memories. I've written my journalling on the back of the layout telling the story of our walk through Paris.

A great big thanks to Scrappin Downunder for sponsoring this week's Dare. Just love the support that we get for the Dares. So, go on, take some time this week to really look around you and be inspired by what you see in the streets. There is some amazing art out there. Send your layout to Lianne (100kb or less) or leave a comment on Marieke's post with a link to your layout.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dare 18 - Lesley

This was a really cool challenge. I came across this piece of artwork in our local shops. I actually wasnt aware of it until earlier this year when I decided to take some photos 'around town'. I used a photo of this local street art and have been inspired by it not only as a topic but the orange, blue and purple colours from the photo, the arrows and the triple edging around elements.

So be inspired around you, on the street. I dare you to. Send your layout to (100kb or less) by Wednesday 28th March 6pm, or leave a comment on Marieke's post with a link to your layout.


Dare #18: Street Art

I have suddenly become more aware of all the wonderful bits of inspiration that can be found all around us. This may be nothing new to some of you but it is to me. Just like magic I can be struck by something I come across as I go about my errands and realise it would translate wonderfully to a layout. I'm talking about things that were always there but I never really noticed. So my dare for this week is to flirt a little with things we see out on the street. Have you ever noticed how colourful and bold grafitti is? Some are regular pieces of art! Catchy billboards are another great example. Shop window displays, street signs, unusual exterior paint colour combinations on a house.... inspiration is everwhere! This fortnight's dare is to create a layout inspired by something 'from the street'.

As luck would have it (not) I've been having some printer troubles and have been unable to print the pictures I had prepared for this. I'm hopeful the printer doctor can nurse it back to health. This means my layout will be up later this weekend after I get my pictures printed elsewhere. Faye and Lesley have made some fantastic layouts for this dare so far and will post their creations soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

And the winner ...

... of the draw for dare # 17 is

Wahoo, congratulations Irene, a nice prize is coming your way from Andrea at Scrapbook Outlet NZ. Thanks heaps Andrea.

And wow look at Irene's fantastic layout. See the album she used for inspiration below. Can you email me Irene with your address please.

We were absolutely blown away by the amazing entries for this dare and the far out covers you chose too. It was soooo hard to choose our favourite you are all amazing, did I say that enough - AMAZING!!

But our favourite was this stunning layout by Gwen Kirman. We love your layout Gwen.

Look out for another cool dare tomorrow night.

Check out the Slide Show for this dare below.

Dare # 17 - Slide Show WOW!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dare #17 Faye

I looked for an album where I could use several photos and this seemed perfect. Plain but lots of potential. I first took a sheet of old cardstock and covered it in gesso to give it a bit of texture. I ruled lines to give me an idea of where to place my white card and photos, then painted the cardstock. I really love these photos. Mark loves his garden and because of him Riley at 3 has developed the same passion for gardening. I think that is a wonderful gift to give to a child.

We hope you will be inspired by a 70s album cover this month, there are so many cool ones out there. Email your layout to Lianne (100kb or less) by Wednesday 14th March 6pm and don't forget you can leave a link in the comments of the original post to share your layout with everyone and a bigTHANKS from all of us to Andrea at Scrapbook Outlet for sponsoring the dare.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Dare #17 - Monique

The way the text was set out on this album caught my eye immediately, that and the gorgeous green with a burst of yellow and the tiny touch of peach in the rose....and then when I looked closer and realised that the girls dress was made of whipped cream well that was it....the wheels of inspiration were turning!!
Let the seventies inspire a funky page and share your grooviness with us!!
email it to Lianne at (100kb or less) by Wednesday 14th March 6pm and don't forget you can leave a link in the comments of the original post to share your layout with everyone.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dare #17 - Yolande/Bruce Springsteen

hehehe I've been reminiscing too Jo. Found this album cover and instantly knew the photo I could use. Lianne actually took this pic of me while we were at CC in Wellington. Rach, Lianne and I went to parliment buildings for a fun photo shoot. Seemed appropriate to mix with the title of this album cover. Have added some fun journaling too and it feels good to have a page to add to me BOM.
There are so many covers to get inspiration from - it was hard choosing. This is a fun challenge so hope you give it a go and send your layout to (100kb or less) by Wednesday 14th March 6pm, or leave a comment on Lianne's post with a link to your layout. Thanks heaps to Andrea at SBO for donating the prize for this dare.

Dare #17 - Jo

Seems like triangles were the order of the day in the seventies - my choice had a triangle too! I chose the Alice Cooper album "Welcome to my Nightmare" for my inspiration and had so much fun with this dare 'dabbling in digital' - I'm usually a bit of a hybrid scrapper but this dare inspired me to create a totally digital layout.

I'm sure you will have just as much fun sifting through the record covers and for some (like me) reminiscing as you do so. Totally inspiring dare Lianne!

Have a go and send your layout to (100kb or less) by Wednesday 14th March 6pm, or leave a comment on Lianne's post with a link to your layout. Remember there is a cool prize up for grabs.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dare # 16 Slide Show - check out all the great entries!!

Dare 17 - Lesley

There were so many cool covers to choose from but I chose
Cats under the Stars by The Jerry Garcia Band (another triangle one!).

Remeber this dare is sponsored by Scrapbook Outlet NZ and Andrea has an awesome pack of new Basic Grey Phoebe for the winner. Thanks Andrea.

So come on, I DARE YOU to give it a go, you'll love it - and send your layout to (100kb or less) by Wednesday 14th March 6pm, or leave a comment on this post with a link to your layout.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Dare # 17 - Lianne

And another dare rolls around; I can't believe how fast it's gone.

You are to be inspired by a 70's (or other) record cover and here's some links to help you:

And you know, we love to be loved, so leave some love. Comments are goooood.

As you can see I chose the Pink Floyd album 'Dark Side of the Moon' (scan has cut sides off - need to take photo). I really enjoyed this dare and knew straight away which album I was using. I actually had the album in mind for inspiration before I chose the idea for the dare. So I know you guys can find some cool album covers for inspiration, and wait till you see what the other girls have done.

I'm happy to say this dare is sponsored by Scrapbook Outlet NZ. Andrea has an awesome pack of new Basic Grey Phoebe (mmmmm my favourite) for the winner. Thanks Andrea.

So come on, I DARE YOU to give it a go, you'll love it - and send your layout to (100kb or less) by Wednesday 14th March 6pm, or leave a comment on this post with a link to your layout.

Dare #16 - We have a winner!

Wow we were blown away by all the fantastic entries this dare - they looked stunning. We have had a draw and are pleased to announce that the winner of the CherryArte prize (thanks again CherryArte) is...

As you can see George wanted to know why Bert was having all the fun in the last dare so I had to let him help this time.

Congratulations Erica - your layout was so cute and the yellow is a great choice of popout colour. Can you email your details to Lianne to receive your prize.

And below is a fave of ours from dare #16...Ann McLachlan's valentine layout. Using that turquoise for your popout colour was a stunning choice Ann...and hey, who doesn't like Pinot Gris - yum!

Once again a big thanks to all who entered. Watch this space for another fun dare coming very soon.